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Gig Economy

GIG Economy With the subprime crisis and technological developments that reduce the number of permanent jobs in conventional companies, Americans have found a new way of working: they are looking for more and more jobs of short or very short duration that allows them to harmonize the private and [...]

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Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads - Who they are and why they came to LISBON They take advantage of the fact that they can work at a distance to reconcile work with travel. They travel from country to country and that’s why they call themselves ´nomads´ In summer they will be more than 300 [...]

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Gig Economy and the digital nomads

Gig Economy  and the digital nomads The ongoing change in the world economy with the increasing job digitalization has led the restructuring that has freed a multitude of highly skilled workers to new forms of work. These workers, along with the millennials entering the labour market, are the basis of the gig economic and [...]

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Demography rules the world

Since the financial crisis that economists seek explanations for the weak growth of Western economies: the austerity measures, the euro problems, etc .. The reason may be much deeper: demographics. The consequences of the increasing longevity of the population and the low rates of fertility begin to affect the economy, with a shortage of labor [...]

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Portugal fifth most peaceful country in the world

In an increasingly turbulent world, conflict has become settled into our daily lives. Global uprising and internal violence have produced unsafe, unstable countries that lower the sense of global peace. Peace and safety have long been difficult to quantify. The Institute for Economics and Peace has tried to measure it with the Global Peace Index (GPI). [...]

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The new “Ribeira” market

Located in Baixa, the "Mercado (market) da Ribeira" was renovated and reopened to the public on 17 May. The new space is separated from the market area and has a large central square which concentrates numerous terraces and restaurants,  all organized around the square. In the center  you will find tables and high chairs to [...]

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