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Living in Portugal pays off

Fiscal benefits For those who are abroad and want to live in Portugal, or for individuals with a Portuguese nationality who went to another country and now aspire to return to Portugal, the tax authorities have a special regime of  the income taxation. Learn how it works and how to request it. WHAT IS THE [...]

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The challenges of a new concept of family

Global mobility In the last 10-15 years the traditional family defined as a "husband with a wife and children" has evolved into a broader interpretation that includes same-sex couples, single parent homes, multi generational families and couples where the woman is the expatriate. Most Fortune 500 companies have adopted a broad definition of family  (about [...]

Skills to win in 2020

International Careers To win in multicultural groups , expatriates will have to rely more on their social and personal qualities , human traits that transcend cultural differences. The concentration of expatriates in one place with the establishment of international teams - the so-called shared pools of expertise - are a trend of global companies that will [...]

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Are you Portuguese ? Want to be an expatriate ? Pay less tax ?

Against a backdrop where the Portuguese labor market loses more and more workers to foreign companies , labor mobility is becoming increasingly important. The Portuguese State has not neglected this reality and devised a tax system especially directed to Portuguese workers that temporarily carry out their duties abroad , keeping the link to the Portuguese [...]

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