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Digital Nomads – Who they are and why they came to LISBON

They take advantage of the fact that they can work at a distance to reconcile work with travel. They travel from country to country and that’s why they call themselves ´nomads´ In summer they will be more than 300 digital nomads in Lisbon.

What if not all those tourists that you can see in the Lisbon´s cafés, absorbed in their computers and i-pads, were tourists, and they were rather working for the company based in another part of the world? What if they belonged to the digital nomadism, a movement that is gaining in size and that allows them to jump from one city to another, working in start-up or on behalf of another company, like any normal worker?

They walk through the city and look like tourists, but they are workers – travellers without a permanent address.

In recent years, the number of digital nomads has grown: people that works remotely – that what is about, without being forced to work in an office or another circumscribed physical space. They decide to join the useful and the pleasant and to travel world without leaving their work routines.

They are: programmers, writers, bloggers, advertisers and architects – among many other professionals that you are able to work from a distance, using a computer as a tool.


There is little statistical information on the number of digital nomads in the world. It is known that every day they are more and more of them. Some of them adopted the lifestyle because they like to travel with great regularity and their work allows it and others are obligated to travel constantly because their work itself requires it.


Caution with the time differences and the need to planning the various details. The essential is ensuring the high-speed and good quality wi-fi connection. And what is more important, do your job – ensure that you will be concentrated and have time to work.

The good strategy is to rent a special space in the co-working centres that have appeared all over the world and they offer not only the place there you can focus better on your work, but also meet other professionals and increase social networking.

Immigration policies are another restrictive factor, since they are not tourists, nor permanent residents, in a situation of legal limbo.


As a rule the digital nomads are running away from the winter and the meteorology takes them to Lisbon. But apart from the good weather, the country’s security, accessible cost of living and food, there is already a growing local community which makes the Portuguese capital so popular.

Imagine if 10,000 Americans decide to live and work temporarily in Lisbon? What impact would they have on the city?

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