Gig Economy and the digital nomads

Gig Economy  and the digital nomads

The ongoing change in the world economy with the increasing job digitalization has led the restructuring that has freed a multitude of highly skilled workers to new forms of work. These workers, along with the millennials entering the labour market, are the basis of the gig economic and the digital nomads of which we speak in this article.

The existence of a highly qualified and skilled workforce is an opportunity also for companies as it gives them access to specialists they would not normally be able to employ on a permanent basis.

It is also a factor of entrepreneurial exibility, which is very important when economic growth seems to have stagnated at permanently low values, at least in the western world and in particular in Portugal. Although there are still grey areas in the way that some companies use these workers, making them almost permanent employees, but without social right, actually creating social dumping, the dynamics of labour relations ultimately clarify these situations.

A worker can now sell his services to any client in the world, through the internet, without leaving his home.

For the independent workers of the economy gig, it is a challenge because they have to sell themselves to a number of clients, which increases the risk of their activity. But on the other hand, it represents the opportunity to find employers anywhere in the world (in digital works), have better life-work balance, and even travel the world if that is your preference.

We are at the beginning of this social movement and there are still areas for clarification, but it would be the interesting opportunity for both, employers and workers, if it is well used.

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